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Software Development Services for Funded Startups

Share your idea with us and we will bring your solution to life! As Your Software Innovation Partner, we will collaborate on your vision in order to successfully launch your product features!

Your Software Innovation Partner

Bring your vision to the project and through our Start-Up Program for small & medium-sized businesses we will use our expertise to provide valuable insight, deliver more code on-time and make your innovative ideas a reality!

Among Venture-Backed Startups, 75% Fail
- Harvard Buisness school reports

You can read more about Ghosh’s report here.

Position your Bold Vision for success and Join the 25%!

Avoid the following common startup misteps:

Practice Patience

According to the Startup Genome Project, a common failure point is a complacency by raising too much money too soon and scaling prematurely. Forbes reports over 70% of startups fail from this alone. Good ideas take time - practice patience and maintain focus on the long-term vision of your idea.


Workload Overload

As you hire more people, the generated revenue per employee takes a nose-dive. Automate where you can and watch out for the “Law of Diminishing Returns”.


Committed Technical Role

Teams with a technical co-founder perform 230% better in enterprise companies. Not having a technical co-founder shouldn’t stop you from capturing a business opportunity as long as you are working with a committed technical lead.



The top investing criterion is scalability, according to Susan Preston - a partner at the CalCEF Clean Energy Angel Fund and instructor for the Angel Resource Institute.


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