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Web Development
Creating premium websites for your business using the most cutting-edge technology, such as Ruby on Rails, Angular, ReactJS, CSS and HTML5.
Custom Design
Designing your website to be responsive, easy to use and visually captivating.
Maintenance & Support
Constructing reliable and secure software through effective website maintenance and support.
From developing a plan, to meeting all your requirements, we ensure the best product for you.
iOS and Android
Building powerful mobile applications, both natively and using hybrid state-of-the-art frameworks such as React Native.
DevOps and Security
Stressing the best and most secure methods of all-around integration between you and your customers.


I brought the DivNotes team on board part-time to move things along for one of my clients. They quickly adapted to the new codebase and immediately started adding value. They integrated well with my team and easily adjusted to our development process. Within two weeks, I brought them on as a full time contributor to the project. They have worked iteratively to address client feedback with our client's web platform and implement entirely new feature sets that have helped our client grow. The team was very communicative and professional with both my team and our client in scrum meetings and brainstorming sessions. I will look to continually use the DivNotes team to complement our in house engineering capacity.
Jordan Van Schyndel, President of DevBBQ Inc.
I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the DivNotes team on several projects over the last year. Not only are these guys good software developers, they are extremely well organized, excellent at communicating, and overall fun people to work with. We are planning to work with this team on several upcoming projects.
Rohit Shanker, President of Elora Consulting Inc.
The DivNotes team is focused on delivering solutions. I’m impressed with their ability to address complex problems and recommend viable options. Software engineering is the core skill set, but they also bring enthusiasm, dedication, and craftsmanship to the process.
David Smith, Founder/CEO of Open Music Networks
I was very nervous to start the development process of my software as I have heard many horror stories of developers who didn’t fully understand what their clients wanted and their clients ended up in major debt. This feeling was immediately squashed when I started working with the DivNotes team. They were extreme professionals from the get-go and took the time to fully understand what my needs were. We started with an initial conference call and from this one-hour conversation they were able to write down the entire functionality of my software, give me a quote with an in-depth break down and stick to the budget we had agreed upon. Working with the DivNotes team has been an absolute pleasure. They are quick, efficient and very communicative. My software has turned out far better than I had imagined and their analytical thinking helped me to fine tune the details of the software functionality. I highly recommend anyone who needs a custom software solution work with the DivNotes team.
Adam Vacon, Founder/CEO of Meal Zen
The DivNotes team were a pleasure to work with - they adapted quickly to the codebase, worked well with our leader developer and met all of the associated deadlines. The team was very communicative and professional throughout our engagement.
Matt Corbeth, Product Manager of Pick Pete
DivNotes did a great job on our new product AnimalPRO as part of the Pickapaw platform. We wanted to implement several features with high levels of complexity that involved a very specific user experience and database requirements. They understood all the requirements and implemented solutions that worked fantastically for us. Throughout the project the team was professional, responsive, collaborative and a pleasure to work with. Definitely planning to engage with DivNotes team again for future projects.
Olga Melnikova, Founder of Pickapaw Inc.

How we work

  1. We spend time understanding your needs and lay the groundwork for a successful project
  2. We come up with a project plan that will fit you best
  3. We estimate your project completion date and get straight to work
  4. Using the most cutting edge technology, we complete the project successfully
  5. We work with you to modify the product in any way you need
  6. The final product is handed over to you and maintained as required
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