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Project 1

Team Augmentation & Engineering Support

Project 1

Internal Software Engineering Development

HomeStars called upon DivNotes to provide additional software development support to their existing engineering teams in order to increase deliverables within the project timeline and ship code more frequently. Aside from code production, our development team participated in the engineering diagnosis and assessment as well as the debugging of code within the HomeStars’ systems.

Our DivNotes developers joined internal team members from HomeStars and were available to provide engineering services throughout any aspect of the project. We participated with existing team members for the remediation of their ticket issues. In addition to our day to day responsibilities of our assigned team, during our involvement with the project, our engineers often collaborated with several other engineering teams in HomeStars in order to move their team’s goals forward.

Stack Used

Ruby on RailsRuby on Rails
GeoSpatial TechnologiesGeoSpatial Technologies

Existing Protocol & System Adoption

The DivNotes team was embedded seamlessly into existing HomeStars protocols, becoming an integral part of the HomeStars internal team.

After the adoption of HomeStars’ internal processes, and throughout the project, the DivNotes Engineers accepted the responsibility of monitoring how the process of development was executed from it’s beginning to the deployment of the team’s code.

After assessing these protocols, our team offered feedback and suggestions in regards to how to improve these systems and worked with the internal HomeStars team in order to enhance flows within the development process. These suggestions were subsequently incorporated into the team’s daily practice.

Assisting Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) Team

Our DivNotes Team assisted with the verification and monitoring of production deployments in order to ensure the highest regard to quality control.

During our involvement on the project, the DivNotes developers had several discussions with the infrastructure team members to troubleshoot issues in several of the applications in production, and brainstorm potential solutions that could be applied.

In order to assess performance issues, the entire platform’s operations were evaluated as a whole. With the assessment complete, we were enabled to provide suggestions on improvements to the project’s architecture.

The DivNotes Engineers expanded the application performance monitoring tools and set up configurations to provide coverage across all microservices and applications at HomeStars. This provided the ability to evaluate ongoing performance issues end-to-end, instead of in isolation from each component.


Over the last 18 months we have come to rely on the talented software professionals from DivNotes who were embedded [in] our product development teams. During their time working with us, they adopted our practices and helped us improve them. They enabled us to deploy more often with greater reliability, and quickly became valuable members of the team. I highly recommend DivNotes to anyone looking to augment their software development teams.

Carl Hume
Carl Hume
Vice President, Engineering at HomeStars
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